Broadcast West is a full production studio with crew, equipment, and a shoot ready soundstage all under one roof. From multi-cam to green screen, in-studio or on-location, we’re on it.

If you’re simply looking for shooting space, we’ve got the best in Los Angeles. Our studio comes equipped with 80 pre-rigged Arri lights and we offer Sony 1500R camera packages. We also offer green or blue screen drops. Our staff can provide excellent VFX supervision and we specialize in super-clean green screen shooting.

Broadcast West is also a live television production facility. We specialize in single-camera news and interview feeds, multi-camera live and taped productions, Satellite Media Tours, Radio Tours, Press Tours, Live Shots, Livestreams, Webcasts, Infomercial Productions, location and sound stage rental for film and television production. We can broadcast via satellite or fiber internet connection. 

  • 2500 square feet of open plan studio
  • 65' X 40' X 16' high white cyclorama
  • Integrated overhead grid lighting
  • 600 Amps total power
  • 2 hair and make-up stations 
  • kitchen area with tea/ coffee and snacks
  • 2 bathrooms

Broadcast West makes production a snap. Our 3 SONY HD cameras integrated into our glass HD control room allow for multi-camera LIVE productions via the SONY Switcher. The 10′ wide loading bay lets you load in and set up quickly while talent relaxes in in our 2 VIP green rooms. Finally, the pre-lit cyclorama means you are up and shooting FAST.

Designed from the ground up, Broadcast West features a state of the art glass control room complete with Chyron graphics, intercom, RTS, IFB and Gentner. Recording formats include High Definition, 2K, 4K, RED Options, Digi-Beta, Beta Cam SP, DV cam, tapeless, and other server options.  

Control Room

Flat Screen Monitor Wall
Sony 6000 Switcher
DVE & Graphics Playback
HD Harris Inscriber / Chyron
HD Grass Valley Turbo Server
Teleprompter System
RTS Communications / Telex
IFB / Wireless Mics / Hard Wire , Shotgun
Various Material Backdrops
Dual 6-Line Gentner Phone Interface
UPS BackUp / AJA Ki Pro’s



65′ x 40′ Stage FloorPlan
Camera-Mounted Teleprompters
Soundproof Facility
14′ to Lighting / Grid 32 Dimmers
Grip, Lighting and Dimmer Package
Camera Jib/ Steady-Cam
Standard Living Room/ Bedroom Set
New Kitchen Set
Various Material Backdrops
Black Duvatine
Drive-in via 12′ x 12′ Elephant Doors