This tapeless Control Room serves the studio in High Definition by utilizing 5 AJA-Ki Pro recording decks. Key Equipment includes three Sony HXC-100 camera chains with Canon HD lenses featuring servo zoom and focus controllers. We employ Listec teleprompters and all cameras sit on Sachtler pedestals. Switching is done via a Sony MVS6000 1.5ME switcher. High-definition graphics are handled by the Harris Inscriber G7 on dual channels. Operators monitor all sources on a 12 screen marshall monitor wall system.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 9.50.32 PM.png
  • Grass Valley Kayak Switcher
  • 12 Screen Marshall Monitor Wall
  • DVE & Graphics Playback
  • HD Harris Inscriber G7
  • HD Grass Valley Turbo Server
  • Listic Teleprompter System
  • RTS Communications / Telex
  • IFB / Wireless Mics / Hard Wire , Shotgun
  • Dual 6-Line Gentner Phone
  • UPS BackUp / 5 AJA Ki Pro Recorders